Monday, August 20, 2018

"Fight!!!" Short film shows how a house cat finally finishes off her prey when she catches a home invader

Here’s a brutal three minute short film, “Fight!!!  Cat vs. Huge Rat”. 

A cat, on a farm, slowly chokes a huge rat.  But she takes her time at it, before breaking the rat’s neck. This is certainly horrible for the prey, who finally grows limp at the end.

This is how cats made friends with man.  Farmers needed them in ancient times to protect their crops from rodents. 

The evidence seems to be that larger wild cats (like bobcats) remember rural homes where they have found food before and tend to return, and can remember the people associated with each home.

Cats are great “doomsday preppers” and have good problem solving skills for hunting in the wild. They want their humans to learn from them.

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