Friday, August 10, 2018

"Crash" by Paul Haggis remembered as a dangerous weekend approaches

The book “The World without Racism”, by Edeah Clark, makes a reference to the 2004 film and best picture, “Crash”, by Paul Haggis.

The film presents a daisy chain of incidents in post-Rodney-King Los Angeles, where one character’s perception of another character leads to a scene and another plot thread about this secondary character. The film posts that the victims of racism often practice racism themselves.  The filmmaking and screenwriting style resembles Robert Altman. 

The plot does start with a car wreck in the first scene where Det. Walters (Dpn Cheadle) was working with partner Ria (Jennnifer Esposito).  Soon there is a major carjacking.  Later there is a sequence where a character Anthony (Ludacris) hits a van accidentally, steals it, and discovers illegally trafficked people in the back.
The director says the movie was motivated when he was carjacked (with his wife in the car as the incident started and a bizarre sequence followed) when they went to a Blockbuster video.

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