Sunday, August 26, 2018

"Bobcats in My North Dallas Yard": two of them

Bobcats in My  North Dallas Yard” presents two wild bobcats encountered by a homeowner near I-635. 

Bobcats are common in north Texas and will tend to hang around where they have found food or been fed. They have a good memory for people but cannot live inside as pets. Homeowners are not supposed to feed them. Their intermediate size and tremendous strength makes them dangerous, however amicable they often seem to humans. 
But one day this north Dallas homeowner say a large bobcat hanging out in his yard around his own house cat,  The cat returned one more time and appeared “tame” and having trouble hunting on his own.

Then a couple months later a smaller female bobcat started coming and regularly hunting for game in the yard.
Like foxes, wild cats stay healthy when they live on what they can catch. They develop diabetes on human food.

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