Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"AMOS Health and Hope" charity in Nicaragua presents video of its work in the midst of Central American unrest and migrant crisis

Tonight the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC showed a brief video of the “AMOS Health and Hope” mission in Nicaragua, along with a presentation from Laura Parajon.

Baptists have long had missions in Nicaragua, as demonstrated about a decade ago with a program at FBC about the mission at Nacascolo (May, 2008), not too far from the big lake. Different Central American countries attract different churches, so no one of these churches would have a complete handle in the migrant problem leading to illegal immigration through Mexico into the US. 

 Nicaragua’s problems, following Reagan’s interdiction in the 1980s, seem to be typical corruption and inability to pay for everything in a socialist environment.  It’s not clear that the gang influences as it may be in El  Salvador.

The mission reports impressive results on the health of citizens and reducing child mortality.  The largest need for donations appears to be for training medical personnel.

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