Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"Why Hollywood Won't Cast Josh Hartnett anymore"

Here’s a good one: “Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Josh Hartnett Anymore.” (That, to negatively paraphrase Mark Zuckberberg talking to Leslie Stahl, is not a question.) 

I was living in Minneapolis in 1998 when H20 appeared and, at 20, and raised in St. Paul, he got lots of attention.

The big breakout was “Pearl Harbor” from Touchstone Pictures Memorial Day of 2001 (before 9/11).  "Black Hawk Down", after 9/11, from Ridley Scott, was very big, too. When I worked as a substitute teacher 2004-2007, "Pearl Harbor" was shown to a US history class. 

But over time Hartnett started turning down important roles, especially to play super-heroes in comic book movies, as if he were "too good" for such populist affairs. And somehow he “insulted” Christopher Nolan, who invested in Christian Bale instead.
 As for super-heroes, imagine David Hogg simply playing himself in Marvel Studios's next movie. 

He spent a sabbatical back home in St. Paul for about 18 months. And he assisted Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.
But he did star in some smaller films and then became a father.  Now he’s returning to television.
You wonder, what if he ran for office? 

Or, what about my little “Do Ask Do Tell: Epiphany”?
I remember when working for the Minnesota Orchestra in 2002 he was really considered hot. He didn’t always care for all the adulation.

I think I met Hartnett twice while living in Minneapolis.  Once was standing in line outside the Uptown Theater to see "The Blair Witch Project" in 1999; the other was at an IFPMSP forum.  The folks at Uptown actually knew who I was then with my DADT books.   

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