Monday, July 02, 2018

"Twin Oaks: An Egalitarian Community": film captures a retrospect of my own visit to the place in 2012

Twin Oaks: An Egalitarian Community” is one of many short films on income sharing communities. 

I visited the community for a 3-hour tour and reported it on the “Major Issues” blog on April 7. 2012.
I remember the hammock factory, and the tofu distribution. I didn’t see all the farms.

Work week is 42 hours a week.

This is not for everyone.  It is for highly socialized people. “Acorn” is another (smaller) commune nearby.  These areas are a bit South of Mineral, VA, which had the earthquake in 2011.  That’s in the Piedmont.

They use a moneyless credit system.

Do people “retire” to this?  The commune does have a hospice in the rear part of the property.  About 100 people live there.
There is some Internet access at the community.  I hope some residents will find this post and comment.
I am reminded of “Spring Work Camp” at Loma Foundation (which had to recover from a 1996 fire) in New Mexico.  I visited that back in 1984.

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