Thursday, July 12, 2018

"The Collector": Wyler's 60s thriller made fun of the innocently mentally sick, not funny today

I recall a bizarre film that precedes “#MeToo” by a few decades. William Wyler’s British crime drama, “The Collector” (1965), for Columbia.

Terrence Stamp played a bank clerk and butterfly (“OGAB”, from Tiny Tim) collector to took to chloroforming women and keeping them just to have them. But in Miranda (Samantha Eggar) he met his match, a woman who would undo him to satisfy his fantasies.

Somehow, this old satire reminds me of the later “Boxing Helena” even if it isn’t as brutal.
I recall seeing it at the old Buckingham Theater in Arlington VA, the building is now a post office. It was a “neighborhood” in a time when movies went from downtown to the neighborhoods. The center aisle went down the middle of the auditorium, which was unusual at the time.

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