Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"Lindy Lou: Juror #2": a woman who had helped send a man to execution looks up other jurors

On Monday, July 16, PBS aired an abbreviated version of Florent Vassault’s “Lindy Lou: Juror #2” (2017), official site.

Twenty years ago, Lindy sat on a jury that convicted a man of murders and sentenced him to the death penalty.  After years, he was executed.

Lindy, living in rural Mississippi near the bayous, goes on quest to find the other jurors.  She eventually finds the foreman. One juror asks her not to call again, however.  Generally, the jurors feel that any one of them could have stopped the death penalty.  The lack of remorse of the defendant is often mentioned.
The 85 minute film (according to imdb) was compressed to 56 minutes, with brief comments by the filmmaker at the end. Vassault said that Lindy, a conservative woman, became a different person through the jury experience.

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