Saturday, July 14, 2018

Is it such a big deal for cis actors to bend genders, even for "Rub and Tug"?

There is an upcoming comedy film called “Rub and Tug” to be written by Daniella Greenbaum.
But by now we’ve all heard the flak over Scarlet Johansson’s apparent initial casting as a transgender character, when arguably a trans person could have been cast.

It has been common place for actors to change genders in film, all the way back to Linda Hunt in “The Year of Living Dangerously”.
I admit, I’m not a great fan of seeing men shave their bodies to play trans women, like Jared Leto (I can’t remember the film) or Neil Jordan’s 2005 film “Breakfast on Pluto”.  Even Justin Timberlake likes to shed his external trappings, or as does Jake Gyllenhaal.

But actors do this, and some see it as part of their lives (most of all Steve Carell as “The Forty Year Old Virgin”).  They even do it for the soaps.
But that’s off the subject of trans.  The New York Post has a story by Jonah Goldberg (a conservative author of a major book on tribalism) in which he excoriates Business Insider for pulling a critical article after the fact by Daniella, after outcry from the “social justice warriors”.   

There was a Canadian film in 2002 called “Rub and Tug” by Soo Lyu, a comedy set in a full body massage parlor.

It seems likely that in the future social justice warriors will complain about scripts that show cis gay male characters as heroes (surviving an apocalypse) but slight gender fluidity. (Like mine.)  Gender meritocracy is coming to be seen as no-no. 
There are plenty of YouTube videos of massages or medical examinations of attractive men, obviously intended to appeal to gay male audiences by surviving the maulings, for example this one in German with “Oskar” 

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