Wednesday, July 18, 2018

"Burning Soul": unusual gay short film and period piece set in the 18th Century, long before Australia was even settled

Burning Soul” The Raising of the Flag” (2016) is an unusual gay short film, as a period piece, from the Sydney Film School, directed by Cedric Eugene Desenfantes. 

In 1727, a ship from the Dutch East India Company crashes on the Australian coast. Pieter (Teo Falk) and Hendrick (Rasmus Hansen) have helped rescue everyone else but have fallen in love. And having been seen, they are persecuted for “sodomy” and forced to raise a flag over the beach with the Dutch word for it.

Little could they imagine how things would change in four centuries.

The film has played in many overseas LGBT film festivals.  The scenery is quite spectacular on anamorphic wide screen and high definition. 

Wikipedia attribution link for 1861 drawing by Hodgkinson, p.d. 

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