Sunday, July 15, 2018

As per Vox: "How Parkland Student David Hogg Beats His Critics"

How Parkland Student David Hogg Beats His Critics”, a short film on Vox Media by Carlos Maza (interviewing) and Coleman Lowndes.

David calls himself Press Secretary for March for our Lives.

Maza develops the idea that the mass of smear campaigns from the alt-right becomes the story, making it difficult to focus.

And some of the stories are really silly.  For example, that he be a 27-year-old crisis actor with a facelift.  Isn’t 27 awfully young for such surgery?  Another is that he is 135 years old, which implies that he is reincarnated into Second Life, or is an alien from another planet, who commutes the 30-or-so light years through a worm hole, and rents his body from Hertz when he is here.  But they used to claim that Mark Zuckerberg is an alien.  It’s too bad the English language doesn’t have a clear-cut conjugated subjunctive mood, to separate out the “alternative facts”.

As for the reincarnation, I think getting to have a 17-year-old body and start over where you left off is a good deal.  Like a car trade-in. 

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