Thursday, July 05, 2018

"100 Mile Rule" demonstrated the sales culture rule "Always Be Closing", which is now the title of a gay male short film

I wanted to revisit Brent Huff’s comedy in 2002, “100 Mile Rule”, which I saw at a festival sponsored by IFPMSP in Block E in downtown Minneapolis when I lived there.

The film presents a sales force at a motivational training seminar with the mantra “Always Be Closing”. That is indeed what sales culture is about, somewhat discredited today by the concerns over spam and superficiality.

The comedy concerns the rule that heterosexual married men can fool around if they are more than 100 miles from home, that is, on a road trip.  I wonder if that applies to hookups in the office.
The film might seem offputting today because of the “#MeToo” movement and all the sexual harassment workplace scandals and prosecutions. The DVD now comes from Image Entertainment. 
But then there is a YouTube gay “soft core” film called “Always Be Closing” (2018).  It requires age verification, so I won’t embed it.  A realtor plays the role of a gay husband to close the sale.  I guess that gives the film some social issue significance.  By coincidence, the customer actor resembles David Hogg in facial appearance. The actors are named as Jack Porter and Peter Pounder.  This is one of those movies where chest hair doesn’t ever exist, pleasing National Review writer David Skinner.
Alec Baldwin (hairy) made the phrase famous in “Glengarry Glen Ross” (1992).  I’ll look at that one again later.

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