Thursday, June 28, 2018

"Ronny and I": how a relationship starts on a road trip

Ronny and I”, directed by Guy Shalem, presents two male friends, (Adam Berry and Luke Humphrey) each early 20s perhaps, on a road trip around Big Sur.
One of the friends is supposedly straight but probably bi.  As they take videos of one another, they begin to realize they want a relationship, but oddly at the distance provided by real-time video clips with mirrors.  Are they married to their technologies?

At the end, the bi gay says, “we can make babies together”.

I didn’t get the beginning where the second guy shows scars on his hairless chest.

I once had a day trip sort of like this in northern New Jersey in 1973, after my “second coming” when a straight friend, a chess player, came to visit for the weekend.  There are also some traces of my last year in NYC, 1978, in the dialogue. (Oh, he was so jealous.)

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