Friday, June 22, 2018

"One from the Heart": odd Francis Ford Coppola musical was shot for big screen with old aspect ratios

I recall “One from the Heart”, directed by Francis Ford Coppola (American Zeotrope and Columbia) back in early 1982, as a framed love story musical (composer is Tom Waits) promoted as being in 70 mm “Technovision” but actually presented on a square old-fashioned 1.37:1 aspect ratio, to emphasize the staginess.

Hank and Frannie (Frederic Forrest and Teri Garr) have an embedded relationship on the Las Vegas circus stage which translates to real life, rather like “I Love Lucy”. When they break up in real life, everything comes apart;  there is even a kidnapping.

This was a very odd film given its effect with the small aspect, when I saw it at old Northpark on a large screen in Dallas.  But with Coppola, you never know.

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