Saturday, June 09, 2018

"Harley": a gay bodybuilder teachers his lover self-defense after a gay bashing

Harley” (12 minutes), is a short film set in San Francisco, by Bea Schreiber and Blinking Dog Pictures. 

A bodybuilder Harley (Lars Slind) grieves when his male lover Lucas (Caleb Hoffman) is brutally beaten and in a coma for a while.

Harley’s former girl friend (Hannah Elder) and roommate counsels him that if he doesn’t control his desire for revenge, he could wind up in prison.

But when Lucas recovers, Harley starts to teach him karate and self-defense. In one scene, Harley tells Lucas that he is fascinated with him (Lucas) because he (Lucas) is “feminine” – right out of Rosenfels.

The photography could use a little more consistent definition in spots. 
Wikipedia attribution link for San Francisco skyscraper picture, by Harmonywriter, CCSA 3/0

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