Monday, June 18, 2018

"False Negative": curious gay Italian short film that starts out in a straight disco

Domenico Sarsco (Luca) and Emanuele Gampa appear in the 23-minute Italian short film “False Negative” (“Falso Negativo”), written and directed by Dario Lauritano

Luca and a younger friend get in to a straight disco in Milan after waiting in line. The younger friend tries to come on to Luca in a restroom (unusual behavior in bar). Luca tells him to go away but has to drive him home anyway.

One the way home, they’re caught in a drag race or road rage situation with some hooligans but manage to get away. Then Luca suddenly decides he is interested in his younger partner after all.

This is a rather strange story concept.  I though that the title would refer to HIV.

Luca is particularly appealing physically.  Both men speak English as well as Italian and can sing to 80s music on the radio.  I thought he spoke Spanish to one guy in the bar.
I have yet to go to Italy. Picture, from Winstar in Oklahoma.

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