Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"A Colony on Titan": short

Dreksler Askal’s “A Colony on Titan” (6 minutes) offers an animated view at what Titan really looks like if you actually land there.

Admittedly, it is ten times as far from the Sun as Earth (Mars is 1.5 times as far) and it may take a century or more for humans to even envision going there.  I think Huygens took about eight years to get there.

Gravity is 1/7 of earths, and climbing 12,000 mountains of ice and sand would be easy (in a space suit).

But what would a live colony there look like, at almost -300 F.

The hydrocarbon chemistry is there to support maybe some kind of prokaryote-like cell, if it can find an energy source.  Maybe there is something like a slime mold.  And there is a subsurface water layer, heated by gravitational tug from Saturn, which could have life, in comparison to Europa.
There will be volcanoes with ice as lava.

It’s rather interesting that the fictitious company on “Days of our Lives” is called Titan.
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of cryovolcano 

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