Friday, May 25, 2018

"What Politicians Do to Our Kids" from "DavidHogg111"

David Hogg made a great 23-minute live video of how he and a friend set up a “die in” early this morning at a Publix store in south Florida. 

The best name for this video is “What Politicians Do to Our Kids” (which is actually a shorter video on another tweet).

The demonstrations worked.  Publix has suspended contributions to an NRA-backed politician in Florida, Adam Putnam.

Nassim Taleb would say such politicians don't have their own "skin in the game". 

So maybe Hogg is now the NRA’s worst nightmare.  He is quick-witted and articulate and can outmaneuver right-wing zealots who fall for his honeypot.
In Oklahoma City today, a mentally ill man shot three people in a restaurant, but two “good Samaritans” killed the suspect and prevented a cranage.  Is this a “good guy with a gun” scenario?

There was an incident in a middle school in Indiana today, and a science teacher was the hero. 

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