Saturday, May 19, 2018

"Two Faces": German short film looks at "unit cohesion" of a soccer team with a gay player

Two Faces” (“Zwei Gesichten”), 2014, directed by Christian Slater, is a 22-minute short about a soccer player coming out as gay, eventually to his team.

Jonathan (David Bruckner) has been dating Hannah, who is being to suspect because of his inattentiveness.  Pretty soon the team starts to wonder, and some intolerance breaks out toward the end.

There is some reassurance during the closing credits.Yet, 2014 sounds rather late for this to be an issue in Germany. 

In the middle of the film, the coach talks about unit cohesion for the team, playing as one man.  Sound familiar?

Olympic Stadium picture in Berlin, 
By Chrisgj6 at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5, Link  I recall seeing this in 1999 on a visit. 

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