Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"This Anti-Sex-Trafficking Law Could End Internet Freedom": Vox has hard-hitting short film about FOSTA

Danush Parvaneh of Vox has a short film, largely animated, explaining the harm that FOSTA (also coupled with SESTA) can do, leading to self-censorship on the Internet.  It does explain the box it puts platforms in by weakening Section 230.  The film has the shocking title "This Anti-Sex-Trafficking Law Could End Internet Freedom". 
Backpage was seized even before the bill became law so, despite Bob Portman’s statement, it calls into question why the law was necessary.

The law could lead to some platforms shutting down other services or certain kinds of customers who don't seem transparent. 
The film also delineates prostitution from trafficking, consensual activity from underage.  

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