Monday, May 07, 2018

"The Religion of Identity Politics": animated short

Sam Harris has a 5-minute animated short, “The Religion of Identity Politics” (2016, before the election.
He makes the point that an argument from a disinterested party is more likely to adhere to facts and lead to well thought out policy than an “argument” – rather a plea – from a victim of oppression or discrimination.
A major exception to this would be when the previously engaged or victimized speaker actually can recite facts from his or her own experience.

Harris believes that people affected by a problem are often less objective than others.  For example, some parents of children with autism are more likely to believe unfounded theories about vaccines and autism.  Out of work coal miners may believe that climate change science is a hoax of the elites. 
I think this video is significant because many people, especially on the Left, want to reduce “the privilege of being listened to” to those who actually have engagement in being responsible for others.  In this new era of private censorship and takedowns of objectionable sites, this idea could become significant.

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