Saturday, May 12, 2018

"The Existential Horror of Logan Paul": nice collage outdoes the vlogger's own work

The Existential Horror of Logan Paul: A Video Essay” (18 min) is a nice collage biography of Logan Paul, for starters.  The filmmaker is Big Joel, who says he is about the same age as Paul, and the quality of film is impressive.  (By the way, some of David Hogg’s teenage film work, before the incident, is outstanding technically; look at it on YouTube.)

Paul, with his “vlography” is presented as the new reality-video entertainer who is part Seinfeld, and part Apprentice for Donald Trump, while under age 25.  

The video really focuses on his body; and straight men sometimes want to outdo gay men in looks on videos (gay videos these days show too many tattoos, which is not representative of who is in the discos).  He is always clean cut, extremely muscular, pretty much the Quezacoatal arrival.

At around 12 minutes into the film, Big Joel gets into the subject of salesmanship, selling these little socks and clothes and banners.  I’m reminded of “Blogtyrant” and the idea of building a fan base and mailing list of “leads” to sell to (life insurance companies do that, however).  All the sudden, Paul’s world is not just about a masculine style (Rosenfels-talk) of entertainment and manipulation; it is about getting you to buy something.  Isn’t that what capitalism is about?  Isn’t that what supports the Internet?

Something funny shows up – just a little chest hair, above the middle, onto the pecs.  Had he been shaving all this time, or is he just getting older (now 23)?  Body versatility really goes on in the soap operas these days (see TV blog, May 10, and what happened to Will on “Days”).  And then, the Satie music comes back. French satire.
Whatever his behavior in Japan, when Paul travels overseas, he is the show, not the place he visits.  If you go to Dubai, give me a tour of the Burj and of the “Palms”, not just of yourself.

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