Monday, May 28, 2018

Spielberg's "The Sugarland Express": a chase across Texas starts in the Houston bayous, now after Harvey

Sugarland, TX lies on state route 6, SE bound from the west side of Houston, eventually leading down into Galveston County and passing through Alvin and then Santa Fe, whose high school had the recent shootings in May 2018.  The culture and appearance of the area is homogenous, with stretches of little businesses broken up by bayous.  There is a “Grant Lake” park visible from Route 6.

In 1974 Steven Spielberg filmed “The Sugarland Express”, (Universal) based on a 1969 incident. Lou Jean (Goldie Hawn) wants to get her husband Clovis (William Atherton) out of jail.  With some gender bending the plot starts, with kidnapping their child in foster care, but soon as complications develop they take a police officer (Michael Sacks) hostage, and pretty much “Waltz across Texas” as the police caravans march.

This would be a very grave kind of situation to be caught up in as a civilian.
I think I saw this in New Jersey in the summer of 1974 before I moved into “The City”.

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