Tuesday, May 08, 2018

"Moldylocks and the Problem of Tribalism": Us v. Them

Moldylocks and the Problem of Tribalism” (10 min) by Micah Curtis, lays things on the line for violent campus protesters. 

The sponsor is “Rayce Riot Apparel, T-shirts for shitlords”.  Well, maybe, king-sized beds are not needed.
Micah talks about some demonstrations in California, following Charlottesville, and somewhat equates Antifa to communism. But he makes a very simple criticism of tribalism as simply “us v. them”.  Milo gets mentioned.  Moldylocks seems to be the name he assigned to a female demonstrator who got punched back.
Indeed, Jesus’s teaching of “turn the other cheek” seems like a four-word answer to tribalism.
I have started reading Jonah Goldberg’s “Suicide of the West”.

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