Thursday, May 03, 2018

"Kokolores": 1920's film part of "No Spectators: Burning Man Exhibit" at the Renwick in Washington DC

Today’s little film is called “Kokolores”, a mock 1920s German vaudeville film in Black and White that has apparently played at the Burning Man artificial city at Black Rock City (150 miles E of Reno) every early fall.

It is presented free at the Renwick Smithsonian museum across Pennsylvania Ave from the White House, as part of the “No Spectators: Burning Man Exhibit”.. It has two acts with bizarre characters in contorted physical exercise positions.

The film purports to come from “Obscure Pictures”, and before the film starts, the pre-credits invite you to meet your moviegoing neighbors, some socialization that would please David Brooks.

There is also a “pre-show” with some more acrobats.

Logan Paul has video about how he lost everything at Burning Man (14 min).  Not his body, which is impressive.   

Here is the actual “burning” of “The Man” in 2013.  

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