Sunday, May 27, 2018

"How Many More?" or "We Didn't Sign Up for This"

How Many More?” aka “We Didn’t Sign Up for This”.

The film comes from Giffords, with the alternate name “Vote Them Out”.

The 8-minute film, shot 2.35:1, invites several Parkland High School students to tell their experiences Feb. 14, 2018 – Valentine’s Day – in first person.

Of course, as to “signing up” – one could have said that if you were a young man drafted during Vietnam (as on CNN’s special tonight “1968”). 

This sounds like the “skin in the game” problem: for some people to have the absolute right to defend their property with minimal possible risk to themselves, then members of the public – especially students in public schools – are put at risk by the sheer volume of guns in circulation compared to other developed countries.
David Hogg listed this film on his own Twitter feed.  A good question would be, should ordinary citizens become active in getting other people to register to vote and come to the polls when they are afraid to come.  That's what happened in Mississippi in 1964. 

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