Sunday, April 29, 2018

"What Really Separates the Rich from the Poor" (from Primed)

“Primed” offers us “What Really Separates the Rich from the Poor”
Here we go, with personal responsibility.  The rich invest in themselves.  They don’t buy lottery tickets, which they understand is a tax on the poor (something that angers the Left).  They have several passive income streams, rather than trading their time and labor for money (but that’s what the Marxists see as exploitation). 
The short is animated, with different forearms drawing Tommy (lazy) and John (industrious). John is drawn as “of color” and Tommy is Aryan, to dispel all the stereotypes.
Tommy, as my father would have said, has “no ambition.”  But Macbeth had too much. Looking a few films back, all of the "gifted young adults" (most recently David Hogg) have plenty of ambition.

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