Monday, April 30, 2018

"Shanghai: Life in the Megacity" makes authoritarian capitalism look impressive

Shanghai: Life in the Megacity” (25 minutes, 2018), a "DW Documentary" narrated by Mario Schmidt, is an impressive look at daily life in China’s new upper middle class (mostly) in China’s largest port city.

The city looks clean and the air clear in this promotion of statist capitalism. The famous financial district sparkles at night, with modern city (24 million) on both sides of a meandering river. 
There is a lot of attention to family life in high-rise apartments, which typically cost about one million euros for 800 square feet.   Families often hesitate to have a second child, which is now legal (see WSJ story today )
The film tracks the lives of some average people:  a package delivery man, who makes about $1000 eu a month and often delivers to workplaces, and a tattooed female food blogger who tries all of Shanghai’s trendy restaurants and follows all of Blogtyrant’s recommendations in growing her following. 
The film points out that young adults from the country have to get permits to live and work in the big cities. 
There is also a stage show, which is popular but a but prudish by western standards.

By Architect (Jin Mao Tower): Adrian SmithArchitect(SWFC): Kohn Pedersen FoxPhotographer:Jakub Hałun - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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