Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"Fascists on the Rise" looks at the return of fascism in Hungary, going back to the 1990s

Fascists on the Rise”, a 10 minute short film from Journeyman Pictures in 2017, reviews the history of extreme right-wing fiture Albert Szabo in Hungarian politics back in the 1990s.
Szabo had also become an Australian citizen before returning to Hungary. But when he talks about Hungary he speaks through a translator.  His ideas are very definitely identarian and “racist” and ehtno-nationalist (alt-right). 
The film refers to a pro-fascist government in Hungary back in 1944, and talks about the fa right parties in Hungary in the 1990s with articulation of Holocaust denial.
The film is useful given the rise of quasi-fascism in Hungary today and the politics of Viktor Orban. 

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