Friday, April 27, 2018

"Burj Khalifa: Tour and View" in Dubai

"Burj Khalifa: Tour and View from the 148th Floor" (“at the TOP SKY”) gives a stunning tour of Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from the observation platform, after serving you phantom wrap meat rolls and taking you up the elevator with a virtual ticket.

Note the ponds at the base of the building, and the stunning array of architecture below,  It appears to be about a mile to the sea, the Persian Gulf with the “Palms”.

This city certainly gives an impressive experience of modern Arabia, but it is still an authoritarian place. 

There is a review on Wordpress of “On Borrowed Time”, set in Dubai.

Here's a 45-minute documentary on how the Burj was constructed (2016).

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Burj by Donald Y Tong, unders CCSA 2.5  

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