Sunday, March 04, 2018

"The Shape of Water" wins; Chalamet dazzles with his white tux; other thoughts on the Oscars; Andraka's latest news

Well, “The Shape of Water” won “Best Picture” and a lot else.  I had predicted “Dunkirk”. I had really liked "Three Billboards".  Here's CNN's list of the winners.   (Sorry, Trump, there are no losers.) 

Timothee Chalamet became the youngest ever to be nominated as a leading role actor, for “Call Me by Your Name”.

Chalamet showed up to the ceremony in a white tuxedo with his mom.
His talents range from soccer to piano, to multiple languages. (Although Freddie Highmore has one up on him – Highmore speaks Arabic).  When someone is that precocious – you suspect reincarnation. Nice to get to start over with a young adult’s body and previous lifetimes’ wisdom.
OK, it’s nice that a horror movie wins best picture. 
Someone at the Oscar ceremony touted the virtue of “intersectionality”.  Terrible.  I expect Trump to tweet about that one. You can have inclusiveness and non-discrimination and diversity without getting people to look for groups to pout over with claims of common oppression. . 

On top of all that, I’ll share Jack Andraka’s newest shortfilm – his pancreatic cancer test can detect some other tumors and may be closer to approval.  It’s from CNN as a “Tomorrow’s Heroes” short.
Physically, at 21 a young man usually looks a little beefier than at 17, no matter how precocious. (Bryce Harper knows that.) But Jack sounds like proof of reincarnation (like Taylor Wilson).  It’s nice to have a new body and pick up where you were before. 
Of course, as I ponder this, think how much wild animals know things that we don’t.  If a stray cat, fox (Loki on YouTube) or crow has ever made friends with you, then you know how much knowledge and capability in developed animals (higher mammals and even some birds) really is hardwired.  That’s not to mention the orca.  But I guess hardwiring matters more for humans than I thought. 

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