Thursday, March 08, 2018

The Arc Gene (and mammalian consciousness, and The Garden of Eden)

Here’s a Facebook video about the Arc Gene, which infected an animal about 400 million years ago. 
The video says that the animal was a mammal, but I don’t know if mammals were around yet (mammals developed after the dinosaurs were destroyed by an asteroid strike on Belize 65 million years ago).

But the viral genes were passed through RNA into central nervous system cells and became essential to communications within the brain and between the brain and the automatic nervous system.

The video gives the virus credit for “consciousness”, which seems to have a quantum aspect in the microtubules inside neurons, gradually integrating for the organism.

A failure of the gene could lead to autism, schizophrenia, or later in life, ALS.
Here’s a similar video called “The Garden of Eden Virus”.

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