Saturday, March 17, 2018

"Hecarim: The Outlaw of the Rift": short is the first of a gamer series

Once Upon a Time: Hecarim: The Outlaw of the Rift”, by “Lulz Lol” (first of a series).

Note the quote of Reid Ewing’s video and song “Traffic Jam” (2012) at the end.  It’s time for me to drive the 405 again (that is, after renting a car at LAX). Reid shared this new video recently on Twitter.
I’m not a specialist on games or Japanese Danganronpa, but the video game does present a tribal, medieval world on another planet, with armies of little characters.  There is a place called “Summoner’s Rift” (as if out of Canterbury Tales).  The name of the chief sounds Roman. A look at authoritarian worlds, to be sure.

  The film reminded me of a sophomore English assignment back in 2004 when I was working as a substitute teacher.  The assignment (after having read a Grimm's Fairy Tale) was to write a short story fairy tale.  They all had to start with "Once upon a time"  Like " ... there lived a banana".  You know that that was. 

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