Monday, March 12, 2018

"Complicit": documentary short provides shocking statistics on sex trafficking

Here is the 2011 short film “Complicit” by Michelle Nehme, mentioned March 9.

The 19-minute film offers many brief interviews with trafficking victims and show some acting in a play. The film was shot in Austin, TX and McAllen, TX (near the border).

There are many shocking statistics presented.  Many victims are runaways who pimps find in public places like shopping malls.  A typical age is 13.  By definition, a crime occurs with the purchaser of sex when the victim is under age of consent, and trafficking would obviously be closely connected to child pornography. The life expectancy for a minor victim can be as low as 25.  80% are US born.  But the statics provided in this short film are shocking.

The film does not go into how the trafficking continues on the Internet on certain websites, but the feature (discussed Friday) may do so.  I’m now told that the feature is due in 2019.

The current bills FOSTA and SESTA in Congress could have a significant downstream effect on Internet users who have nothing to do with this practice personally. Is this a sacrifice many people will be asked to make to protect more victims? 

Picture: downtown Austin, my trip, Nov. 2011  

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