Tuesday, March 06, 2018

"Colonizing Mars": very likely with rotating ramas and domes, and maybe cyborgs later

Isaac Arthur for Patreon, in the Outward Bound Colonization Series, presents “Colonizing Mars” (34 minutes).

Colonists would first live in ramas orbiting around the planet, with artificial centripetal gravity approximating that of Mars. People would go down to the surface in nanotube elevators to work.

There are several schools of thought on how to do this.  One is to build domes over many areas (even canyon valleys), where the people live, as well as inside hollowed out “mountain skyscrapers” and lava tubes. Another is to terraform the entire planet, and this might involve bioengineering humans or other life to live in a new environment with much less air.

There is plenty of oxygen on Mars, but finding nitrogen is a problem.
The video pays relatively little attention to the possibility of current microbial life on Mars.
Future videos in the series will discuss the Fermi paradox and address the question as to how common human (or cetacean) intelligence is in the Galaxy.

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