Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Cat vs Octopus" makes you root for the feline as a proxy person

Is this “Cat vs Octopus” long enough to qualify as a short film? Maybe it's substance, not amount. 

What’s interesting to me his how the video has you rooting for the cat, because she is more like “us”.  She seems like a proxy for a person.  She seems to be investigating the creature the way a person would.  She understands it is alive, but fundamentally alien to her world.
The octopus has an intelligence similar to a dog or cat, but a much shorter life.  I didn’t realize the octopus can move out of water.  Cephalopod intelligence is an example of convergent evolution, but so is the intelligence of the orca, about the same as a human's, and posing a question of giving personhood rights to some animals.  The "brainpower" of the octopus is more distributed (into the peripheral nerves as on the arms) than it is for mammals or backboned animals.  It makes one wonder what the "consciousness" of the animal would feel like. 
The feline in this older, but longer video, is more reticent.

A dog will behave in a manner similar to a cat, as in this video

Wikipedia attribution CCSA 3.0 by Tomomri. 

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