Friday, March 09, 2018

"American Love Story": film near completion deals with sex trafficking (now a topic in Congress with regards to Section 230)

As Congress nears the passage of controversial legislation that could expose tech companies to more downstream liability when they inadvertently provide a platform for sex trafficking (these the bills known as FOSTA in the House and SESTA in the Senate), a documentary film on sex trafficking moves into post-production.
The film is “American Love Story: A Community in Search of Freedom”, by Michelle Nehme. 
The trailer does seem to call for a total societal or community commitment to stop trafficking, and that could have a real impact on how the laws contemplated in Congress are ultimately implemented, interpreted, and enforced, and could impact speakers who have nothing to do with trafficking.
The link for the film itself is here. 
The director says she also has a short film “Complicit  which I couldn’t find. But the title perhaps hints at the role of the Internet and its permissive culture, which the bills in Congress would attack. 
I’ll review the entire film in detail when I can get it, like on Netflix or Amazon or a screener.  Paying a fair film rental is no problem.  (I hope my site for review doesn’t get taken down some day out of downstream liability concerns!  That’s the irony.  Here’s a detailed discussion explaining why)

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