Wednesday, March 28, 2018

1950s propaganda film on homosexuals, "Boys Beware", shows how much things have changed

Boys Beware” (a “Sid Davis Production”) popped up on YouTube (10 min) as an example of a 1950s propaganda film warning boys on the dangers posed by “homosexuals”.

It’s pretty obvious immediately that the film equates male homosexuality (“a sickness of the mind” which “you can’t see like smallpox”) with pedophilia (maybe ephebophilia), like the 2013 Russian anti-gay propaganda law – which was a prelude to a lot of other bad things from Russia.
It presents several episodes of teen boys groomed by older men they meet outdoors in public places.  One boy gets probation merely for having ridden in a car with the man. 
It was filmed, in black an white, in Ingleside CA and says it had the support of a public school in Ingleside.  And boys are supposed to report strange men to “teachers” as well as parents.. 

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