Friday, February 09, 2018

"Thirst": Israeli short film shows gay men playing with catastrophe in the desert to become more intimate

Thirst” is a bizarre short film by Israeli director Guy Sahaf, 14 minutes.

Two gay men hike alone in the Negev desert. One of them seems to be leaking water deliberately, and his companion thinks it is a ruse to get closer physically.

The concept, although it’s supposed to be a study in communication within a couple, seems bizarre, like maybe a ritual walkabout. I was reminded of the tragic feature “Gerry” (2005, set in the Mojave desert).

But the men are “rescued” in due course by a straight couple picking them up in a car was hitchhikers..  Furthermore there are railroad tracks they could have followed to walk out.
The film has played in many European LGBT festivals.  

Picture: Mine, Nevada, May 2012. 

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