Thursday, February 01, 2018

"The Camp": effective low budget horror (short film) from Britain

The British short film “The Camp” (2014, 16 minutes), produced by Steele and Thomson, produces low budget horror and combines it with personality and drama in a way far more effective than standard Hollywood bigger budget B-movie horror.

Three brothers (or are they friends) go camping in rural England. The youngest of the guys seems the most charismatic has talked the other two into going off the grid.

They pitch tents and seem pretty fluid with their backpacking skills (all the rage back in the 80s when I did it while living in Texas, on a couple of Sierra Club long weekends).  Night comes.  One of the kids ventures out and hears screeching and finds a spider web that has trapped larger animals.

They get through the night but then day brings its own hazards, like holes you can fall into.  And the sounds of a werewolf seem to abound.  Finally, one of the brothers is almost rescued by a friend with a car.  It’s all pretty tragic.

I’m reminded of the early 50s film “The Werewolf”, and also, oddly, of “The Blair Witch Project”.

This is well done horror (4 stars out of 5).  But likeable young men come to tragedy. 

I had trouble finding the film on YouTube by entering the title but it would come up with gay films, although it doesn’t seem to be specifically gay.  I couldn’t find it on imdb.
The boys are played by William and Stuart Thomson, and Alexander Steele.  This seems to be a filmmaking family. 

The brothers should enter this in some short film festivals (maybe DC Shorts in Washington). 

Picture: Bear on Grandfather Mt, NC, 2016. 

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