Monday, February 05, 2018

Max: the"Rescued" Bobcat

Max: the “Rescued” Bobcat” (2011, by Big Cat Rescue) is a narrative about a bobcat sold to a Rhode Island resident as a cub. But when Max was taken to a vet he was reported, and the state took over.

Big Cat Rescue eventually transported Max to a sanctuary near Tampa, FL.  Southwest Airlines was the only carrier that would take him, offering three seats.

Max is “humanized” and seems to recognize and remember people but is a wild animal and would not be a safe household pet when grown (although in South Africa people keep large cats on residents, like cheetahs, who will roam wild and remember their owners and return home.  Servals are sometimes kept as pets and bond to people, but any cat larger than a housecat needs a large  outdoor area for hunting and play.
Attribution link for 2010 photo of a bobcat by Bill Wright under CCSA 2.0 in CA .

Feb. 6

Also note Benji the Bobcat, who grooms a teenage boy.  Again, even if a wild animal, he regards people in a house that feeds him as his "pride".  But he needs acres of outdoor land to hunt on.  

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