Thursday, February 08, 2018

"Love in the Car": experimental gay short suspense film

Love in the Car” (2018) is a curious short suspense film (24 min) on YouTube with no credits.

A young man goes into a gay bar (LA area) and, after dealing with a pushy bartender, gets stood up by a date. He meets a young man who wants to hitch a ride home.  Yup, you know there’s trouble when he asks for a smoke. Yes, this gets to be about drugs. People who don’t behave according to enlightened self-interest and personal responsibility, driven by abstract cognition.

Will the hitchhiker turn out to be another Andrew Cunanan (given the FX series now)?  He certainly make the point that the lead character thinks he is better than other people. “It’s not your fault??” Like in “Good Will Hunting”?  Hardly.

I can say I’ve never picked up a hitchhiker. Too stuck up, too cautious and risk averse. 

Music from Tchaikovky’s 1812 Overture plays in the background.

This film may be a project in development.  It could be blown up into a feature. The writing does create real suspense and the film has some promise. 
The actors seem upper class, like they’d like to play classier characters.  Maybe my screenplay (“Epiphany”) could give them a chance.

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