Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Will "Floating" (Timo Descamps and his father), an odd sci-fi film, get finished now?

Timo Descamps has tweeted recently that he is “moving” back to Belgium from LA for a time, to Antwerp (I rode through it on the train in 2001). He didn’t say what he was doing, but there is some scuttlebutt that his project “Floating: The Prophecy” based on his father Luc’s novel (Luc writes sci-fi and children’s), a project that has been contemplated since 2012. The video says that the book is a trilogy. 

Three people (two young men and a woman) are stranded on a “paradise” island, and Timo has a chance to act heterosexual. Then the other two are kidnapped or taken, leaving Timo to find and rescue them.

The trailer is in English, with Dutch subtitles. It would sound like it could get filmed in the Caribbean or Indian Ocean or some such location and perhaps also in less expensive European studios in the Czech Republic or Spain, where a lot of indie films are made.  (I think there is a studio in Bilbao.)

The presentation in the trailer reminds me of the decade-old NBC series “Lost” (TV, Oct. 28, 2010). It sounds intriguing.  It would be nice to see a film like this come out at approximately the same time as Richard Harmon’s “Crypto”.  It sounds like “A24 material” (I’m referring to the funky indie distributor.) 

Timo also has a short subject called “More” that starts out with high school bullying and winds up with singing on a disco floor, here.   (“Get your ass off the floor”!)

Today, he tweeted and Instagrammed that he had just finished filming another short (in LA with a Belgian director) for “Max Money Penny”   Not sure I can tell the name of the film from the post (not in imdb yet). 

Picture: My weekend in Ohio
Let’s note the Oscar nominees.  Take note of Timothee Chalomet for best actor (youngest ever nominee) in “Call Me by Your Name” for best picture.  My prediction is that “Dunkirk” wins.   I hope that the nomination is based on a true belief in artistic merit and not on allocating awards to identity groups.  Elio is a lovable character (a rather charismatic pianist). 

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