Thursday, January 18, 2018

"What Really Happened to Mars Will Shock You": It was nuked

What Really Happened to Mars will Shock You”, lecture film by Amplex.

The speaker analyses the levels of Xenon 129 on Mars as consistent with past thermonuclear weapons.  There are also dustings of uranium and thorium “glass” on parts of the surface which NASA missions have deliberately avoided.

The speaker says that at least two thermonuclear airbursts occurred over Mars between 250 million and 500 million years ago, possibly destroying a civilization on the planet, and lead to the planet’s loss of atmosphere.

But other explanations include lack of a magnetic field, which allowed the solar wind to strip the atmosphere away.  Had Mars been larger, it would be warmer and have a thicker atmosphere today. Likewise, had Venus been smaller it might be cooler. 

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