Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"What Happens When You Buy 1 Million Twitter Followers": videos look at the business of selling the "appearance" of social media influence

Given the recent New York Times expose on the "bot follower" business in social media, I thought I'd look at some videos on the problem. 

Patrick Colucci reports :”What Happens When You Buy 1 Million Twitter Followers?” in 2016, with a lot of emphasis on Trump and Hillary Clinton. 
Patrick’s film is mixed with interviews from Russia Today and Silicon Valley as he traces the results of his experiment. He gets around 100,000 and most of them are bots (empty faces when you click on Followers). None of them engage the content.

YouTubeInsiderSecrets explains how YouTube algorithms will gradually penalize your channel for poor user engagement in “8 Reasons Never toBuy Subscribers”.

Finnish entrepreneur Roope Kiuttu seems to report similar results in highly technical presentation (10 minutes) of “Devumi Review: IsBuying Twitter Followers Worth It? See My Experience!

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