Sunday, January 21, 2018

"The Pennsylvania Turnpike": You can watch a movie at the Midway Service Plaza

On a weekend trip, I visited the Midway Service Plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and noted that a short film plays in the dining area on a plasma screen, “The Turnpike”, giving a history of the railroad in the 19th century and then the turnpike that followed its tracks.  In the 1870s it took a train 22 hours to go from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.

Some of the tunnels in the video above were taken out in 1968. Sideling Hill and Rays Hill have been bypassed.


There is also an issue with the service plazas:  you can park on only one side, to eat, and drive only one way to the service gas pumps on the other side, after which you can’t come back and park again. 

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