Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Science Fair" at Sundance 2018 shows high school contestants doing world class research

The directors of “Science Fair” (Christina Constantini and Darren Foster) at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival (kids’ section) discuss their film.

This film documents the INTEL ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair).

Many of the kids are doing cutting edge research.  There was one project from Brazil on Zika Virus. 

There was a student who had failed math who still won a prize for a mechanical number theory project.

I don’t know yet whether the film mentions or presents Jack Andraka’s 2013 science fair win in Pittsburgh for his pancreatic cancer test.  His brother Luke also won a prize for a coal mine pollution abatement project.  Taylor Wilson, inventor of a “fusion reactor” had entered that year also.  Here is Jack’s tweet on it. Imdb doesn’t have a lot of information on it.  It would be logical or nice if Jack wound up listed as an executive producer of the film, still listed as in post-production.  (Richard Harmon showed us how to finish movies with his “Crypto”.)

I’ll keep my eyes open for Filmfest DC, Maryland Film Festival  (Baltimore, in May, close to Jack’s hometown) on this one (maybe even DC Environmental Film Festival in March).

I remember we had a Science Fair presentation in the basement of my (parent’s) home on December 9, 1960.  I’ve talked about it elsewhere. But one of the presentations then talked about white blood cells and was a curiously prescient anticipation of the crisis that would happen 25 years later. 

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