Monday, January 22, 2018

Richard Harmon's "Crypto": I did contribute a little to its completion

I generally haven’t written pieces here on movies not yet released for showing (since most of my reviews went to Wordpress) but I thought I should mention Jon Silverberg’s thriller “Crypto”, because I did make a small contribution to its conclusion on Indiegogo. (link

Lead actor Richard Harmon ("The Greatest of all Time" as per Timo) plays Jake, a journalist who has an epiphany in the woods, with backstories shown through the film he develops in a cabin.  The film seems to have been shot off the coast of British Columbia, and possibly some of it in Manitoba.  Harmon is also an executive producer of the film.  Harmon is well known for his role in CW’s “The 100” but also as Danny in “Judas Kiss”.

The plot seems a little bit parallel to my own screenplay “Epiphany”, set on a space station and rama (sort of), but with backstory from my three “Do Ask Do Tell” books.  That’s one reason I took more interest in it.   Is there some commonality with “The Blair Witch Project” (1998) on the other hand?

I hope we’ll find screenings of it my summer. 

Picture: mine, Mount Vernon, Ohio, yesterday.

Update: Oct. 14

The name of the film seems to have changed to "Woodland". 

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