Monday, January 08, 2018

"Out of the Cold": Muslims shelter the homeless in Toronto

Out of the Cold” (2014) is a half-hour documentary showing Muslins sheltering the homeless.

This facility is the Jaffari Communitt Center in Toronto. Despite Canada’s welfare and refugee programs, there is considerable homelessness and poverty and many people do not make enough to afford apartments. 

During the Ontario winters, the homeless spend the night on cots along the halls.  Volunteers spend the night.  On the other hand the working poor do not stay there but are fed and use community assistance, which is about 80% local government funded.

One (Gentile) volunteer had been homeless, had Parkinsons, and had lost an apartment when a leasse was not renewed and the landlord wouldn't go month-to-month. 

Many of the recipients are not Muslims.

There are many personal interviews, about walking in others’ shoes as an act of faith. The faith makes considerable demands for service.  The volunteer time and effort here must be considerable. 

There is a lot of emphasis on the role of luck in the lives of the homeless.

One beneficiary was actually a graduate student quite brilliant in mathematics.  Some scholarship money was raised for him.  So this was a striking narrative (compare June 10, 2017 AOPS). 

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