Thursday, January 25, 2018

Logan Paul's redemption video: "Be Here Tomorrow"

Here is Logan Paul’s self-redemption video, “Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow”.

The video includes a testimonial by Kevin, who survived an attempted jump from the Golden Gate Bridge.

He talks about compassion and there is a brief scene where he feeds a red fox in the woods.  (Foxes sometimes learn specific people in their environment, the way cats will.)

The one point that seemed missing is that some people find imposition of a change in their lives by coercion or force from others particularly shameful.  This may happen with bullying (anti-fay or not) or with political expropriation. The heroine of “Gone with the Wind” has to work through this process psychologically. I recall Tyler Clementi’s suicide on the GW Bridge in 2010 after bullying in which his privacy was invaded by a roommate.

One person he interviews notes he was born in Ohio (near Cleveland, ironically in an area where I spent my boyhood summers), a state with the second highest suicide rate in the country (partly because of opioid use in working class communities).
The title “Be Here Tomorrow” reminds me of Ram Das’s book “Be Here Now” from the Lama Foundation in New Mexico (which I visited twice in the 1980s). 

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